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What packages does release-plz publish?

Release-plz publishes all packages, except:

  • packages with publish = false in the Cargo.toml.
  • examples that don't specify the publish field in their Cargo.toml file. To publish them, set this field.

Even, if a package is not published, release-plz will update its Cargo.toml to bump the version of a local dependency if needed.

If you want to check which packages release-plz will publish, run release-plz release --dry-run.

Can I edit the release PR before merging it?

Yes, you can edit the release PR as you would do with any other PR.

Here are some reasons why you might want to edit the release PR:

  • Edit the changelog: the file produced by release-plz is a good starting point, but you might want to add more details to it. Release-plz populates the corresponding git release description with the new changes of the changelog file. Note: you don't need to edit the collabsible changelog in the PR description.
  • Edit the version: if you forgot to mark a commit as a breaking change, or if cargo-semver-checks failed to detect a breaking change, you can manually edit the version of the package.

Does the changelog include the commits from the whole repo?

The changelog of each crate includes the commit that changed one of the files of the crate or one of its dependencies.

What if a commit doesn't follow the conventional-commits format?

By default, it will be listed under the section ### Other. You can customize the changelog format with the [changelog] configuration section.

How do I know the branch of the release PR?

If you want to commit something to the release-plz pr branch after releaze-plz workflow, you need to know the name of the branch of the release PR. To do so, you can:

  • Query the /pulls GitHub endpoint. For example, release-plz does it here.
  • Use git tag | grep release-plz.

If none of these options work for you or you want release-plz to output the branch in the jobs output, please open an issue.

Release-plz opens a PR too often

Release-plz opens a PR when any of the files packaged in the crate changes.

To list the files that cargo published to the registry, run:

cargo package --list

To exclude a file from the list (and therefore from the release PR and release-plz update changes), edit the exclude and include fields of the Cargo.toml.

Release-plz bumped the version in a way I didn't expect

Release-plz uses the next_version crate to determine the next version. Please read the documentation, and open an issue if it's not clear enough.