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Release-plz GitHub action started misbehaving

Did your release-plz GitHub action started misbehaving after a GitHub action release?

If yes, pin a specific version of the release-plz GitHub action in your workflow file. E.g. go from MarcoIeni/release-plz-action@v0.5 to MarcoIeni/release-plz-action@v0.5.16. Determine the right version to pin by looking at the previous releases

Please open an issue, too.

release-plz release hangs

Something similar happened in #1015. Try to set a low publish_timeout in your release-plz.toml file to check if release-plz is having issues to:

  • check if a package was published.
  • publish a package.

See DEBUG logs

Release-plz uses the RUST_LOG environment variable to filter the level of the printed logs. By default, release-plz shows logs at the info level, or more severe. To see debug logs, use RUST_LOG=debug release-plz. If you want something even more details, use RUST_LOG=trace release-plz