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Single git tag

By default, Release-plz creates a git tag for every crate that it releases. If you want to create a single tag for all the crates in your workspace, you can use the following release-plz.toml configuration:

# Disable git releases for all packages by default
git_release_enable = false

# Disable git tags for all packages by default
git_tag_enable = false

# Options for the package I care the most, e.g. `my_main_package`.
name = "my_main_package"
# (Optional) Customize the git tag name to remove the `my_main_package` prefix.
git_tag_name = "v{{ version }}"

# Enable git tags for this package
git_tag_enable = true

# Enable git releases for this package
git_release_enable = true

With this configuration, release-plz only creates the git tag when releasing my_main_package. Creating git tags for the other packages is disabled because they inherit the workspace settings.