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The release-plz release command releases all the unpublished packages.

For example, let's say you have a workspace with two packages: pkg-a (version 0.3.1) and pkg-b (version 0.2.2). The registry contains pkg-a version 0.3.1, but it doesn't contain pkg-b version 0.2.2 because you didn't publish this version yet. In this case, release-plz would release pkg-b.

For every release, release-plz:

  • Creates a git tag named <package_name>-v<version> (e.g. tokio-v1.8.1).
  • Publishes the package to the cargo registry by running cargo publish.
  • Publishes a GitHub/Gitea/GitLab release based on the git tag.

In the tag name, <package_name>- is omitted if there's only one package to publish (i.e. with publish != false in the Cargo.toml file).

Note that release-plz release doesn't edit your Cargo.toml files and doesn't push new commits. It releases the packages as they are in your repository. For this reason, you typically use the release-plz release command in the main branch after you run release-plz update or you merge a pull request opened with release-plz release-pr.

If all packages are already published, the release-plz release command does nothing.

To learn more, run release-plz release --help.


releases-plz also supports creating releases on Gitlab with the --backend gitlab option.

The default token in CI does not have permissions to create tags, so you will need to a custom access token. The permissions you need are:

  • api (to create a release)
  • write_repository (to create tag)

Then you can run release-plz release in Gitlab CI with the following arguments:

release-plz release --backend gitlab --git-token <gitlab application token>


releases-plz also supports creating releases on Gitea with the --backend gitea option.

TODO: document how to create a token on Gitea.

Json output

You can get info about the outcome of this command by appending -o json to the command. Stdout will contain info about the release:

"releases": [
"package_name": "<package_name>",
"prs": "<prs>",
"tag": "<tag_name>",
"version": "<version>"


"releases": [
"package_name": "my_crate",
"prs": [
"html_url": "",
"number": 1439
"tag": "v0.1.0",
"version": "0.1.0"

If release-plz didn't release any packages, the releases array will be empty.

The tag field

The tag field is present even if the user disabled the tag creation with the git_tag_enable field. This is because the user might want to use the tag name to create the tag by themselves.

The prs field

prs is an array of PRs present in the changelog body of the release. Usually, they are the PRs containing the changes that were released.

Each entry of the array is an object containing:

  • html_url: The URL of the PR.
  • number: The number of the PR.