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The release-plz update command updates the version and the changelog of the packages containing unreleased changes.

The command:

  • Downloads the packages of the project from the cargo registry.
  • Compares the local packages with the downloaded ones to determine the new commits.
  • Checks for API breaking changes in libraries if cargo-semver-checks is installed. Warning: cargo-semver-checks doesn't catch every semver violation.
  • Updates the packages versions based on the messages of the new commits (based on conventional commits and semantic versioning).
  • Updates the packages changelogs with the messages of the new commits.
  • Updates all dependencies by running cargo update (disabled by default).

In the following example, I run release-plz on the release-plz project itself. Release-plz increases the version and the changelog of the packages with unpublished changes.

release-plz update

To learn more, run release-plz update --help.